Own production: what are the advantages?
The VAM trademark is a dynamically developing company, founded 16 years ago in Ukraine, which is engaged in the production of women's outerwear. One of the company's advantages is its own large-scale production in Kharkov. This allows us to expand the assortment twice a year and offer customers trendy products at an affordable price. And also to control all production processes. Starting from the design of new models, ending with the stage of sending the goods to the client.
What is the secret of the uniqueness of VAM clothing?

The VAM company works to create unique and elegant, but at the same time comfortable and practical coats, jackets, down jackets and dresses for women. Our team of professionals develops author's patterns. This allows us to create graceful cut lines with precise weatheredness of all details, so that VAM clothing emphasizes the individuality, great taste and sophistication of a woman. VAM pays special attention to fabrics and accessories. After all, they are the main component of the future product and are responsible for the quality and appearance of your future coat.

Our team employs experienced designers, constructors, seamstresses, controllers, etc. These people work every day to create more than just a coat. And a coat that you will love and will not want to take off, as soon as you try it on for the first time.

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